Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP)




Unique Opportunities

Work with scientists and engineers


The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) places high school students in Department of Navy (DoN) laboratories where they take part in real Naval research for eight weeks during the summer.

SEAP gives academically talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in STEM the opportunity to learn about Naval research and technology while receiving first-class mentoring by top scientists and engineers.

SEAP is a competitive program with around 300 placements in more than 38 laboratories around the country in which many participants go on to careers within the DoN. Interns are selected based upon academic achievement, personal statements, recommendations, and career and research interests.

How it works

SEAP places academically talented high school students with interest and ability in science and engineering as participants in Department of Navy laboratory research for eight weeks during the summer. Interns will be selected based upon academic achievement, personal statements, recommendations, and career and research interests.

Step 1

Students Research and Choose Their Preferred Labs

Step 2

Application Period:
Apply by the Deadline

Applications Closed for 2024
Applications Open August 1, 2024 for 2025

Step 3

Review Period:
Labs Review Applications and Make Their Decisions

Step 4

Award Period:
Award and Non-Award Letters are Sent Out

January 2024 - March 2024

Step 5

Interns Get Ready for Their New Adventure!


2024 APPLICATIONS Progress



  • High school students who have completed at least Grade 9 (See exceptions below)
  • Must be currently enrolled in high school (but may be taking college level classes for college credit)
  • Graduating seniors are eligible to apply
  • Must be 16 years of age or older by the internship start date to participate (See exceptions below)
  • Solely U.S. Citizens (See exceptions below)


  • Students should check individual lab pages for eligibility as some labs make exceptions for the following:
    • Grade minimum
    • Age minimum
    • Permanent Residents and Dual Citizens

Duration & Stipend

The internship has a duration of eight weeks (with the possibility of extending up to two additional weeks). Stipend levels will be determined by the student's years of participation in SEAP and will be paid bi-weekly via direct deposit. Stipends are as follows:

  • New participant: $4,000
  • Returning participant: $4,500


  • Encourage students to pursue DON science and engineering careers
  • Enhance education with mentoring by laboratory scientists and engineers
  • Enable students to participate in meaningful STEM research
  • Expose students to DON science & technology and research & development opportunities
  • Increase DON STEM internship opportunities for underrepresented groups

STEM Careers Start at SEAP!

SEAP 2023 Flyer

Download the SEAP Two Page Flyer (PDF) (2pp, 2 MB, About PDF). Print and Share. #NAVALSTEM

SEAP 2023 Flyer

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