DEOMI Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute


Patrick Space Force Base, Florida


Jayson Rhoton -

Operating Status Summer 2023:


Student Requirements:

Interns must be solely U.S. citizens. (Dual Citizens and permanent residents are not eligible.) They must also have a driver’s license, live in the local area, and have their own transportation onto the internship site.


To develop and deliver innovative education, training, research, and collaborative solutions to optimize total force readiness.

About the Lab

SEAP interns might support DEOMI's research efforts in various ways: conducting extensive literature reviews of peer-reviewed journals and books to provide a solid empirical background on a topic; collecting data using online surveys or during DEOMI classes from in-residence students; statistically analyzing databases to identify patterns and trends; creating data graphs and charts to display results; and creating posters to explain a study's purpose, methods, and results.

What will I do any given day as an intern at this lab?

Interns participate in lab functions in a number of ways including (but not limited to) assisting mentors with guided research projects; job and project shadowing with professional researchers; attending technical meetings; networking with STEM professionals and other interns; group mentoring sessions; team and leadership development; touring labs; and other professional development activities.

What majors and disciplines are a good fit for interning at this lab?

The primary subjects of interest include:

  • Behavioral Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Statistics and Probability

What kinds of projects do interns at this lab participate in?

The following are examples of projects to which interns may be assigned:

Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (DEOCS) Climate Factor Validation: Conducting literature reviews to evaluate validity of climate factors included in current DEOCS.

Training Evaluation: Determining effectiveness of Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity course content and delivery, comparing in-residence and virtual course presentation methods.

Organizational Climate Trends: Analyzing raw DEOCS data to identify response differences among different demographic groups, and identify trends across time.